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Frontier Arbitration

Frontier Communications has recently left Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, and we are looking to help consumers with claims against Frontier for bad service.  Many of Frontier's customers are still battling stiflingly bad DSL service and have been for years.

We want to help.

Using our intake process, we are looking to help anyone interested in filing a claim for damages in arbitration with Frontier for terrible internet service, slow speeds, and misrepresentations about quality and the possibility of future upgrades.  We will charge you nothing unless we get money for you.

We are extending this invitation to Frontier customers in West Virginia and North Carolina.

We are only taking claims for arbitration.  Please be aware that there are significant limitations to arbitration and what you can recover.  For more information, see the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's study on arbitration available here.


Next Steps...

Click the button to the right to go to our intake form.  It takes about 15 minutes to read the instructions and fill out our intake application.  Please be ready.  Also, please do not use a Frontier email address. Please provide an alternate email address that we can contact you through.

We will charge you nothing unless we get money for you.